Interior Signage

Spanning the interior of your business are countless areas where proper signage can make a vital impact. Well-placed signs allow clients to find what they want without effort, and act as visual bullhorns for highlighted messages, services and product specials. They also ensure easy-to-access directory information and mandatory ADA compliance.

Digital display signage demonstrates your company’s technological savvy with dynamic changeable statements and graphics that can be easily input at your discretion. A single digital sign can be used to create millions of messages – perfect for businesses whose needs fluctuate by the day, week, season or event.

Featured Sign

Lake Judicial Center

Mid-Florida Signs & Graphics completed work earlier this summer on Phase I of the Lake County Judicial Center. Our work comprised of both exterior and architectural signage for new Property Appraiser and Tax Collector office, a new Central Energy Plant, and an eight-story parking deck. All work was completed for PPI Construction Management, Inc. of Orlando under the direction of Heery/HLM of Orlando.


Types of Interior signage

  • Government

    – We are proud creators of signage and graphics for local, state and federal government offices throughout Central Florida.

  • Higher Education

    – We create distinguished and consistent signage for campuses of every size.

  • Miscellaneous/Specialty

    – Whatever your business’s scope, style and clientele, we custom-craft signage to reflect its professionalism, quality and personality.

  • HealthCare

    – Trust Mid-Florida Signs & Graphics to provide exceptional quality signage reflective of your facility’s importance and reputation.

  • K-12 Education

    – The right sign does more than inform, it promotes security and trust in parents, students and faculty.

  • Multi-Family/Resort

    – We’ll make sure that your tenants and guests find their way around in style.

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