About Us

Our History

Mid-Florida Signs and Graphics represents the union of two longtime commercial specialists, combined into a one-stop powerhouse for your business!

Founded in Leesburg in 1941, Mid-Florida Signs and Graphics has become an industry staple designer and fabricator of custom electrical, monument, pylon and other outdoor signage for businesses and organizations throughout the state.

SignDesign of Florida began in St. Petersburg in 1971 and grew to statewide prominence as a custom designer-builder of interior signage for architects, hospitals, government offices, retailers and other professional entities.

In 1984, the two companies joined forces at one location, maintaining their respective areas of expertise with the added convenience of a single team of veteran professionals dedicated to custom signage design, permitting, building, installation and maintenance that brands your business’s enduring distinction and quality – inside and out!

Our People

  • Dan

    Dan Hayes Founder

    Dan started his career in signage as a sign painter while in high school, and continued through college as a painter and neon sign designer in Central Missouri. After obtaining his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Missouri School of Mines & Metallurgy (now Missouri University of Science & Technology), he worked for 17 years as a manufacturing engineer in the metals and electrical wire and cable industry. In 1984, he purchased what is now Mid-Florida Signs & Graphics through the acquisitions of Sign Design of Florida, Inc. in St. Petersburg and Jimmies Signs in Leesburg.

  • Todd

    Todd Hayes President

    Although he’d been around signs for most of his life, Todd never had any desire to work in the sign industry until his last semester in college. He had previously worked for Mid-Florida Signs & Graphics as both an estimator and project manager in high school and during college; and decided to sign-on as a permanent member of the staff as Vice President after graduating with a B.A. in Economics from the University of Tampa. Prior to his attending the University of Tampa, Todd was enrolled as a BCN major at the Rinker School of Building Construction at the University of Florida.

  • Chris

    Chris SinghOperations Manager

    This year, Chris celebrated 20 years in the sign industry. Chris came to Florida in 2001 after working as a union fabricator and installer in New York City, where among other projects; he supervised the signage project at JFK Terminal 4 and helped install-at the time-what would be the world’s largest LED sign. Joining Mid-Florida Signs & Graphics in 2007, Chris is responsible for the supervision of all shop fabrication, scheduling, permitting, and field operations.